Decorating Your Country Home – How To Capture The Rustic Spirit

When you find yourself wanting to redecorate your home, there are many styles and themes to choose from that can make a person go crazy trying to decide what to go with.

A popular theme many people go with is the country home decorating theme. It is popular because it has an overall inviting and friendly atmosphere. It is enjoyed by many people who visit as well as live in the home because it stands as a warm environment.

Yet, with any home decorating project, the homeowner must decide first if they want to use the country home decorating for their decor throughout the home or only in one room or two. Some do choose it for throughout the home while others want to focus it on a particular setting like a kitchen and dining room.

Country Colors

This type of theme combines colors with which are clean and bright with the country furniture and its accessories. When you choose this style for your home, go with shades of light to medium colors of white, pink, green and brown. These are great colors for this style. It gives the home a real rustic feeling. You can apply and add stencil drawings of flowers, plants, fruits or vegetables to newly painted walls. This should be done by someone with experience. Wall borders can be used and are often used in the country home setting. While this is a great pattern to use, be sure these patterns do not clash with anything else.

Country Flooring

Wood or rather natural wood should be used to keep up with the rustic theme. When redoing the floor, natural wood is a wonderful choice but using it throughout a big area can costs lots of money. Should you want to go with a cheaper alternative and still give your floors a country home look, try using a carpet that has a light shade to it or laminate your floor. Other styles can be flagstone or tile. However, if the homeowner wants to get really creative, decorating their floors with stencil or creating patterns is a viable option.

Another great way to spice up the home is to utilize area rugs. Rugs that have an authentic look to them generate an affectionate and fuzzy feeling. Meanwhile, hooked, quilted or even braided rugs do make wonderful additions to the country home styled floor.

Country Furniture

Remember this is a country setting, so choosing the right kind of furniture to match this theme, is a must. A few suggestions are using either light wood or wicker furniture. These furniture types can reflect the nature’s beauty and if the homeowner wants to use fabric to accent their furniture they can do so by using floral patterns and checkered designs to give that authentic look.

Simplicity Works For Country Themes

When you are accessorizing your space, it always adds beauty and wonder to the home. Choosing what accessories will go into your home is imperative to stick with theme. Such as photos going in wooden frames, plain mirrors, plants and scented candles. These can spruce up the decorating. Lace or shutters can give window treatments such as a cozy feeling. This theme can be fun and exciting to accomplish.

This main thing to remember is not to go overboard. Too many patterns will conflict and eliminate the space amount in a room. The country home decorating designed for a soothing and gracious environment, which is meant to be inviting and cozy. This atmosphere, once it’s finished, is liable to grab a few compliment. Country Home decorating is just one of many styles.

Country Home Decorating

Decorating your home in a country look is not only appealing to you but it is to your guests as well. Country decor is simple and useful; another words, there is a place for everything. You don’t need to always be neat and tidy to achieve the country home look. Its how you decorate and what you use to achieve the look to have the country home decor.

You can choose to have one room with country decor or you can move the look on into other rooms of the house. If you want to achieve a country look in just one room, you can do this by simply decorating the one room and not allowing it to run out into the halls or into another room.

Colors of Country
The country is full of colors. When you add country color to your room then you want to achieve a clean look and feel. The colors should be as bright as they are outdoors. Use colors like yellow, green, pink, and brown. White is always a good choice too. Use a solid color on the walls and accent them with stencil art. You can choose flowers or simple country designs. In the kitchen, you want to use fruits and vegetables. You can also buy wallpaper to put up.

Natural wood is very important in a country theme. You want to bring out the natural wood through your trim or accessories. Flooring is another way to get the natural wood look. Today you can purchase laminated flooring that looks just like real hardwood flooring. If you already have hardwood flooring in your room then sand it and stain it or you can paint it white.

Complete the hardwood flooring look with accent rugs like braided rugs or hooked rugs. Some rugs are even quilted to give it an authentic look. Remember, the colors should be simple and bright like what you would see in nature.

It’s important to accent the decor to achieve the country look. You can do that by using the color of nature. As the seasons change so should the colors of country. Bring out the beautiful colors of fall by accenting with gold and brown tones. For winter, when everything is white and bare outside, your decor should be warm and cozy inside. Choose bright colors to balance the look of winter. For Spring, everything is in full bloom in the country; flowers, trees, plants, and animals. Choose the color that you like the best and accent it. Yellow daffodils are beautiful, pink dogwood, lilac bushes are in bloom, and the beautiful red-breasted robin displays her colors proudly as she gathers worms for her newly hatched babies. The sky is bright blue and the sunsets are a beautiful color of yellow and gold.

It’s hard to decide on just a few colors of country to put in your home but you need to make sure that you don’t place too much color in your decor or it will not look clean.

A Country Home Offers the Best in Living

Everybody has his or her own concept of what a country home is. To some people it is a tiny house with a white picket fence and cute gardens. To others it is a quaint log home buried deep within the woods. These are just two variations of a country home and a huge farmhouse could be added to that as well. Actually all of these scenarios fit into the concept of what a home in the country is.
Before you totally make up your mind of what you are looking for start your search for your country home with an open mind. Naturally, you are going to want to have some idea to narrow down your choices when you are looking. Price range is going to play big factor in this as well.
One thing you must remember though is if you are financing your new home, it will have to meet the standards of the lending institution that will be doing this.

If you are buying an older country home, inspect it carefully because it has had its years of wear and tear and how many renovation have been done may not be very visible.
You may have to be concerned about things like the well and the septic systems as these are things you need to look into very carefully and discuss with your real estate agent.
Another thing you are going to have to decide is how much land you want with it but if you are going with the farmhouse style more than likely, you are going to have several acres. If you are going with the cabin style, you will most often find that it is at least surrounded by trees but that does not mean that you have a lot of acreage with it.
So far, we have talked about country homes that are located right in the rural areas of the country. One must not forget that there are some beautiful country homes in small little quaint towns, which are still classified as country homes.

There are many options to take advantage of when it comes to a country home. One of the most important aspects is that even though you are going to live in the country are all the amenities going to be available for your family. For example schools, hospitals and recreational activities.
The concept of buying a country home is a most exciting one but it can also be the most daunting task because you are more than likely going to come across several to your liking. The problem will come down to which one you prefer also, which fits your needs and budget.