Country Home Decorating – How to Add A Unique Feel to Your Home With Country Home Decor

Do you want to add that special touch to your home that will give it a serene, country feel? Country home décor may be the answer to your decorating dilemma. Collectibles from out of the past are excellent additions to most decorating styles. Here are a few suggestions to add pleasure and enjoyment to your home:

Glassware – Collectible glassware is popular country home décor. Whether it is Depression glass, all-white ironstone pitchers, footed cake stands, vintage milk glass, blue and white spongeware, or an eclectic collection of vintage glasses, you can’t go wrong with adding glassware to your home décor for that country look.

Vintage Fabrics – Vintage fabrics make fantastic collectibles to add to your country decorating ideas. They can be used in many ways–as sofa or pillow covers, as kitchen or sitting room curtains, as pretty doilies or table runners, as quilt pieces, as drawstring bags to hold gifts and small collectibles, and as homemade fabric dolls, just to name a few. Fabric remnants can be used as well as vintage buttons and trimmings.

Dried Flowers – Dried flower arrangements provide that time-honored, vintage look. They may be purchased or you may want to dry the flowers yourself. Let flowers hang upside down in bunches in a dry, dark room that is well-ventilated. Herbs may also be used in floral arrangements and can be air dried as well. What a perfect accent to add to your country home décor idea.

Vintage Baskets – Vintage baskets are useful as well as valuable. Painted splint baskets from the 1800s are hot among collectors; however, they tend to be pricey. Rustic baskets help control clutter and give a room an outdoor, down-to-earth look and feel.

Distressed Finishes – To add a country look to your home décor, use distressed finishes. Picture frames, occasional tables, cabinets, and other wood pieces look ideal with a distressed finish. You might want to purchase items with the distressed look as “distressing” a finish is an art in itself!

You will find country home décor at antique stores, second-hand shops, flea markets, and yard sales. Don’t forget those family keepsakes that may be hiding in your attic or basement. They may well be just what you need to provide that unique country home decorating accent.

How to Re-Create a Typical Country Home or Cottage Style Interior

When you think of a typical country style home or a cottage interior scheme you think of a cosy, warm, inviting environment. If you’re not fortunate enough to own the real deal, here are a few ideas to bring the warmth from these styles to your home.

Other typical connotations with this theme are roaring log fires, arrangements of fresh flowers in a beautiful pitcher jug and rustic, wooden furniture. Today, however, the country style comes in a variety of versions including the American country style, Italian and Tuscan country style, French country style and of course the quintessentially English country style.

If you’re seeking to recreate the typically English country style in your home, look no further than the English culture and heritage for inspiration: use lots of wood and natural textures and combine with patterns such as stripes, ginghams and plaids in the typical ‘country colours’ of greens, taupes and navy blues alongside a palette of natural beiges and creams. Floral prints can also be incorporated into the look but the styling needs to remain subtle and not too bold or overwhelming (some very contemporary floral prints would be too bright and not traditional enough; and would therefore not be suitable).

Similarly, a classically Tuscan country style suits rustic ‘unfinished’ wooden pieces of furniture. You could even use a few of pieces of furniture from the latest trend of industrial chic. Partner these pieces with rich teracottas, yellows and warm vintage tones of ivory on the wall and natural stones on the floor. If you want to be really brave, try adding a texture to the wall to further enhance the rustic appeal of the room.

Contrastingly, the American style encompasses lots of painted wooden furniture, clean lines, white and navy blue should feature throughout the room: upholstery, walls, furniture. Accessories should be kept to a minimum and worktops clean. A key inspiration for this look is the Hamptons.

Whilst it is possible to implement some of these elements in any home, it would be difficult to try to recreate some of the outstanding features in a country home or cottage such as: exposed beams, original fireplaces and brickwork. A great place to look for interesting accessories is from reclaim yards and stores (these places often find their treasures from house clearances or abandoned properties). Creating a country style within the home in essence is about evoking the feeling of nostalgia. Include old photographs, brass accessories with a fireplace (if you have one), old rugs, chunky throws; anything which will make your interior more inviting.

Country Home Decorating Ideas Can Bring the Country Closer

Country home decorating ideas are meant for those who love the country and are completely different from the city apartment or suburban home. But with punishing schedules at the workplace these days you may not have the luxury to take too many holidays for lazing away at your country home getaway. To transform or do up your city neighborhood in country style is the best way to get a feel of nature and the country after you return from a hard day’s work. It would add the much needed mood that we all crave for but cannot get much of it these days. Country decoration is no big deal.

Country home decoration ideas can come in readily if you prefer to do up the interior that would ultimately reflect your personality, your mood and the type of things that you love having around you. Colors should also reflect your very own personal tastes and preferences without seeing them clash and change the atmosphere and the mood. While entertaining guests you would be elated if they admire your decorations as there is a craving for country home decor. More and more people are replicating the looks of the country in their city homes.

You could use braided rugs in rooms and keep the dinnerware in open wrought iron shelves. Country home decoration ideas are incomplete without baskets, moose, snowmen, and Gingerbread men, wooden boxes stacked with yarn balls, candles, lanterns, dried flowers, twigs and Berry garlands. Themed prints on fabric and furnishing should be scenic and reflect the country charm and idyll. Country style curtains should be ideally homespun in plaid or ruffles to add to the coziness. For your country style kitchen or dining room pie safes and jelly cabinets could be ideal.

The idea of a country side decor is not to make it look eclectic or very modern but to keep the latent rusticity while toying with country home decorating ideas. You should also match the colors and see they blend well and you could choose form a variety like red, burgundy, and wine, blue green black antique or just plain white. Ottoman or chairs with matching colors that bring in the added country feel are great to have around.