Country Home Decorating – How to Include a Country Touch to Your Home

How do you add that “country touch” to a decorating style? Since the “country look” has evolved over the years and taken on a wider variety of characteristics, it can add a special touch to decorating from rural to contemporary. Here are a few ideas to give your home a “touch of country” and retain that feel of tradition.

Add a little extra luxury in your country home decorating such as pampering guests with a serene bedroom furnished with a high-quality mattress and specially selected cotton sheets that feel good against the skin.

A layered look in fabrics gives a tranquil feel to a room. Country home decorating makes use of patterned fabrics, florals, and stripes as well as eyelet. They complement one another and provide a special touch in any room.

Another idea is to add blue and white checks on cushions and pillows to give that country appearance. Blue denim is also an icon of the country home decorating style. It is a traditional, timeless American classic that gives a relaxed, comfortable feel to a room.

Quilts, quilts, and quilts– what a wonderful way to add that country touch to your décor. There are countless patterns from which to choose that will harmonize with your country decorating idea.

Old and new photographs are an outstanding addition to your country home décor. The space above a staircase is a place to display your photos for your own enjoyment as well as for your family and guests. Make sure the staircase is out of the direct sunlight.

Take time from decorating to relax in a hammock for an hour or two–what a true country experience!

As you can see, these are just a small number of the unlimited ways to add a touch of country to your country home decorating ideas.

Country Home Decor for a Warm and Welcoming Home

Country home decor is the perfect choice for creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for your home. The warm and inviting feeling country home decor creates will make your home the place everyone wants to be! In this article we will find out how to create the look.

While natural wood and rustic tones add charm to your home, the accents you use can add a vibrant splash of color. Think of the colors you find in roosters, for example. Roosters are very commonly used in country home decor. Many people also use brightly colored sunflowers, especially in the kitchen.

For the family room, rustic wood is widely used. Many homes have rough exposed beams and even rough textured wooden paneling. This adds a cabin type of feeling, which is perfect for country home decor. To decorate walls, rustic wooden shadowboxes are the perfect touch.

Add a few country accents such as throw pillows with a country theme and a richly colored quilt draped over a wooden rocking chair. Pictures of barns and old-time country landscapes make beautiful additions to country home decor. Place a few country scented candles on coffee and end tables. Scents like cinnamon and apple pie add to the warm atmosphere.

In the kitchen there are endless options for creating the look. Roosters, cows and sunflowers are all perfect for this area. The addition of a bakers rack and a hanging pot rack add even more charm to it. If your cabinets are dropped down from the ceiling, use this area for rooster statues and any other country accents you like.

This is one of the most popular types of decor. Look through some magazines, search the internet and use your imagination. You are sure to come up with dozens of ideas to help you create a country home decor style you and your family will love!

Country Home Decorating Tips and Ideas

Country home decorating is usually referred to as a “rustic” decorating style and can be created whether you live in a cottage style home, a mountain retreat home or a modern urban apartment. Your home is your castle and you can create the look and style of country homes no matter where you live.

Cottage style homes are often made of stone or log and offer a comfortable “down-home” feeling and is usually simple, charming and unfussy in its decorating style. You’ll want to incorporate the use of stone and natural woods, like pine that may be unfinished, aged, weathered and hand-painted with designs such as birds, animals, country scenery, flowers or leaves..

Rustic country decor is about handcrafted objects and furnishings that connect back to nature. Rustic country décor can start in the kitchen with a large rectangular pine table, aged and weathered, partnered with ladderback chairs. Vintage wrought-iron or metal chandeliers above the table is appropriate for rustic décor lighting as well as hurricane and oil or kerosene lamps.

Vintage hardware in wrought-iron or metal is a great country home decorating idea and is available in many different styles and finishes. Use hutches and cupboards with open shelves and plate racks for displaying colored plates and dinnerware collections in earth tones, bone white, or blues and greens, glazed earthenware and glass jars.

Add a rustic butcher-block island and pots and pans made of copper or cast iron and simple in lines. Another popular country home idea is stenciling decorating themes such as roosters, chickens, apples or cows on antiqued wooden shelves, the border on the wall, or a rocking chair in the corner of the room. Use lots of baskets for storing logs for the fire, pine cones and needlework.

Country style living rooms start with bare or waxed wooden floors or stone materials combined with floor coverings such as wool oriental rugs for warmth and texture. Add a warm quilt or “throw” on the sofa, stenciling on the walls, and flower and wreath decorations.

Gingham patterns create a country home feel and can be used for window treatments, dining room chairs, upholstery and wallpaper. Wreaths make a nice rustic decoration to a wall or door and can be found in many colors and materials such as pine or branches. You can make your own by shopping craft supply stores and choose from many different color schemes.

Add rocking chairs, Adirondack chairs, trunks, chests and antique furniture or reproductions. You can find cheap and inexpensive antique furniture at yard and garage sales, flea markets, second-hand stores and consignment shops.

The country style bathroom will have a Clawfoot tub and pedestal sink with antique brass faucets and old-fashioned country cabinets and hardware. Use plenty of baskets for storing your towels, loofas and shampoos. Your country style bathroom should create an atmosphere of calm and serenity. Don’t forget the candles for a soothing and relaxing soak after a long day.

Decorating rustic or cottage country homes include elements that are simpler, personal, comfortable, warm and inviting and can be created to express your personality no matter where your home is located.